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First Appointment

Prior to your First Appointment, Visit your Veterinarian

It’s important that you know that I am not a veterinarian. I am a Physical Therapist and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, legally registered/licensed in the state of Louisiana to perform canine physical therapy.

However, prior to commencing any treatment for any condition on your dog, I must have a medical clearance from your veterinarian that deems your dog is safe and appropriate for rehabilitation. You can have your veterinarian submit the Online Referral Form or download and print the Veterinary Referral Form, take it to your veterinarian to have it completed, signed and faxed to Well Paws K9 Rehab at (225) 755 3809.

If you need assistance with the form or your veterinarian requires more information, please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist.

Please complete and submit a New Client Registration Form online. If you would rather, you can also Download, print and fill out the registration form and have it available with you along with your veterinary referral form at your first appointment.

What happens at my first appointment ?

First of all, you’ll be welcomed with open “paws” when you arrive at the Well Paws K9 Facility. A few requests to begin with if you don’t mind.  We would appreciate it if you could “potty” your dog in the grass area next to the facility before entering the building. Please keep your dog on leash when you enter the building. You will be instructed to take the leash off if and when it’s appropriate.  We will review the information you have provided on the client registration form and veterinary referral form and begin the evaluation.

Rehabilitation Evaluation


The initial appointment is scheduled for 1 1/2 hours. A thorough assessment of your dog is performed. The evaluation will include examination of posture, gait, function/strength, range of motion, flexibility, girth, joint mobility and soft tissue mobility.


Explanation of Findings

The owners understanding of his or her dog's dysfunction is important for compliance with the rehabilitation program. The findings of the examination will be explained and questions answered.

Home Exercise Program

Also at the first visit the owner will instructed in exercises to be performed at home. Under the guidance of the therapist, the owner will practice these exercises until he or she feels comfortable performing them. Written exercise instructions will be provided.

Development of a Specific Treatment Plan

We will discuss the plan of care that includes specific treatment procedures and frequency of treatment. This will be tailor made to fit the needs of the patient and owner.


Therapeutic Techniques and Modalities

See Therapies Page

After the evaluation I will communicate my findings and treatment plan with your veterinarian. If there is any cause for concern, I will recommend you return to your vet for further assessment.  Throughout the course of care, I will keep your veterinarian regularly informed of your dog’s progress.

First Appointment
New Patient Paperwork
Older dog with obstacle course in background
Dog doing obstacle course

New Client Paperwork

Prior to treating your dog, the following forms must be completed.

The New Client Registration Form should be completed by you.

The Veterinary Referral Form can be submitted online by your veterinarian or downloaded and faxed to Well Paws K9 Rehab at (225) 755-3809, ahead of your appointment.



(to be completed by you)



(to be completed by your vet)


Remember, talk to your vet about Canine Physical Therapy.

Insofar as Canine Physical Therapy is a relatively new field, some veterinarians may have limited knowledge about the services we provide and their benefits. Please feel free to direct your vet to this website or to encourage him or her to contact me directly.

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