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Here at Well Paws, our aim is to help restore mobility, strength and function for all our canine patients whether it's recovering from surgery, injury or age related problems. By using our individualized physical therapy program we can get your "pup" back to being happy, healthy and active again!

"Andrew made sure I understood Exactly how to do my exercises for Meg, so she will back to her full capacity. He was very patient with her and she now trusts and loves him" P.Watson

"The best experience I could ask for. My dog is extremely anxious and protective. We both felt at ease here and got amazing information to help us on his aging journey"
C. Walker 

"At Well Paws, our Elby is always treated like Royalty! Andrew is super gentle with him, and gives him such a thorough and helpful exam focused on Elby's needs. We always go home informed, happy and with tons of ways to exercise our Elby that won't hurt him. We are forever grateful for Andrew's knowledge and his caring attitude!! Thank you Well Paws!"


Want help figuring out if physical rehabilitation can help your pet?

We also understand that you may have questions about whether physical therapy can help your pet's situation.  Or it may be you just have some general questions about what Canine Rehabilitation is and what it involves.  You can reach us via  phone or email.  Andrew, our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist will be happy to answer your questions.  

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